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We start by wash and scrubbing the outside, Clean and condition engine housing and vinyl so it looks like brand new. Inside Wheel wells, clean hood and trunk hinge areas, Hand dry and apply Clay Bar System, apply " 2 " coats high quality premium mirror-finish waxes. Used on Airplanes and Professional Race Cars. I order it from North Carolina at $ 60 for a 12 once bottle. One of the world's best professional polishes, for a glow, mirror finish. Average finish last 10- 12 months. Inside: Vacuum ceiling, Seats, all Carpeted and fabric areas including Cargo and  Trunk, thoroughly clean and then condition all vinyl, dash, console, a/c vents, visors, doors, cracks and crevices. Door jams, Steam clean and Deodorize ALL Carpets, Mats, Fabric and Upholstery Seats. (With a PRO HEAT Steam Carpet and Upholstery Extraction Machine) just like they clean the carpets in your house but portable, With your choice of deodorizer: (which goes into the carpet machine) lavender, cherry, orange or lemon scent. (Smokers, I clean and deodorize all the nicotine from ceiling and upholstery) or leather with natural saddle soap only! Hand Wipe Off Wax, (this prevents circular scratches) then buff to a brilliant glow/mirror shine. Condition all Vinyl outside including inside wheel wells, clean and polish rims and tires, clean and Rain X windows, Clear and Seal Headlights,Tail Lights, clean and condition wiper blades. We even Spot Dye Stains in your Carpets and Upholstery. Also check engine fluids and rear tail lights for working order when you ask .!!! EXTRAS: (JUST FULL INTERIOR / EXTERIOR DETAIL INCLUDES;(2) INTERIOR, thoroughly cleaned, all vinyl dash, console, cracks and crevices, a/c vents,visors, doors / jams, then conditioned. Ceiling, carpets, mats, seats,fabric,and trunk / cargo vacuumed, steam cleaned and deodorized, windows. (3) EXTERIOR, outside wash, engine housing, trunk, clay bar system, 2 coats of premium waxes, wheel wells, rims, tires, Headlights,Tail lights, Windows, (4) QUICK INTERIOR WASH AND WAX : Interior degreased / wiped down, all surfaces, vacuumed, windows, Outside: washed, and scrubbed, dry, apply mirror finish polymer wax on all painted surfaces wiped off then buffed. Including door jams. clean and polish tires and rims. EXTERIOR EXTRAS : COMPOUND POLISH  / SCRATCH REMOVAL / WET SANDING / OXIDATION / HARD WATER STAIN REMOVAL. ( PLEASE PROVIDE WATER AND ELECTRIC HOOK UP...) Wait to you see what I do for your car...O.M.G.!!! CLICK ON: ("PRICES / EXTRAS" )  ( REVIEW/ BLOG )  ( SLIDE SHOW ) PAGES FOR DETAILS .Feel Free To Call other local detail mobile shops and be shocked for the price of this exact detail!!! most prices are from $ 250-$350. (Not responsible for pre-existing problems or conditions). Home #( 239)-260-5937 / CELL # (954)-856-0212 for appointment. 
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