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Headlights,..clean and dress dash,console,Steam clean and deodorize carpets and upholstery,.ceiling and carpets vacuumed, clean and dress engine,trunk vacuumed and all carpets.outside wash,clay bar,2 coats of Air craft wax,then wiped and buffed.windows rims and tires.I clean cars that haven't  been cleaned in 10 years.so  I have a lot of work to do , so I forget to take before / after pics.every car is personal to me, my goal is to return this car to like new condition . My used cars for sale , sell very quickly. Cars are bought for how new they look.
 (1)1992 corvette .white with red interior. ( 2).2005 toyota tundra. (3) headlights 2002 toyota camry - before /after.(4) 1996 f-150 engine. (5) 1971 corvette stingray .(6)2001 paratransit van. (7) 2016 Tesla all electric sedan (8) 2005 honda element ( a mechanics car)(9) 2001 toyota tokoma ( before/after ) the back bed liner. THE MOST POPULAR QUESTION CUSTOMERS ASK " HOW DID YOU GET THAT OFF ? answer : 14 YEARS OF RESEARCH AND EXPERIENCE !!!